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S U B M I S S I O N  R U L E S

  • Content must be originally yours.
  • If your track is not signed under any label, you must own all the copyrights to your track.
  • If your track was released under any label, you must obtain the label's approval first.
  • If your track includes vocals, you must have the vocalist's approval.
  • If your track includes copyrighted sounds/samples you must own the rights.
  • You give us the permission to monetize the video on our youtube channel
  • We only upload music that is within our genres/style and minimum around 3 minutes duration.
  • We don't claim any rights to the tracks submitted
  • The upload is for promotional purposes and we will remove the video at your request
  • Upload date of submission is not standard. It may vary depending on time of submission, current queue and load of submissions.